Being a guest on a blog

It is always gratifying to be asked to be a guest on someone else's blog, especially someone like the prolific Kate Hardy/Pam Brooks. Kate has been celebrating her 50th book for Mills & Boon ( The Hidden Heart of Rico Rossi)with a blog party and invited me to be a guest.  You'll find it on her blog.

There are others at the party,of course, writers like Michelle Styles, Nell Dixon, Liz Fielding Kate Walker, Nicola Cornick, Sharon Kendrick, Carol Townend and Jan Jones, among them. I was flattered to be included.

This was a Mills & Boon party, but Kate, as Pam Brooks, writes non-fiction books too, such as Researching the History of your House, which is fascinating and full of interesting facts and good advice.

And just to blow my own trumpet, Julie Bonello has given me a fantastic review of The Kirilov Star which she posted on her singles titles website, her own blog, Smashwords and Amazon.  Wonderful and I'm really thrilled. You will find the link on the book's page in All my Books>Mainstream/Sagas in the menu on the left.